Internet Explorer has a couple of small security settings that will allow it to browse in a fashion more like Firefox or Google Chrome. In the process below, we will be relaxing the security policies just a bit. Currently the security settings in Internet Explorer block content from being shown by our media service sites, but this problem is easy to solve. Just follow these steps with your IE browser to solve the issue:

Go to Internet Options -> Security
Choose Trusted Sites, then click “Sites”

Uncheck the box that says "Require server verification (https://) for all sites in this zone"

Add the following domains, one at a time, to your trusted sites list:


Click Close on the "Trusted Sites" window.

Click Apply, then go to the Privacy tab

In the "Privacy" tab, click on the Advanced button

This window will appear:

Check the box "Override Automatic Cookie Handling"

Select Accept for both "First-party cookies" and "Third-party cookies"

If you don't want to be prompted for language every time, choose "Always allow Session Cookies"

Click OK

Click OK on the "Internet Options" window.

You're Done!

Refresh the page by pressing <Ctrl> and <F5> at the same time on your keyboard.  Your Magazine should appear in the flipbook window.

Please email if problems still persist after completing these steps.